Application and Admission Process

Home Admission Process for Residents

The Octavia Waight Centre is a resident facility for the elderly who are not capable of caring for themselves but are able to maintain some independence, and continue being productive individuals. The home is not a hospital.

The following admission process has been developed to:

Enable the family or the responsible party(ies) to be informed of the policies and procedures of the home and to understand their own responsibilities while the resident is at the Home and their need to cooperate with the Home and its staff.

Inform the applicant that the home meets their basic needs and offers them a quality of care while enabling them to be independent and productive.

Assure that the home abides by the standards of quality care it has set for itself.

Admission Process

A.    The family, responsible party(ies) and, if possible, the applicant is/are required to visit the home and speak with staff to determine if the applicant is eligible for admission, to discuss admission requirements, and determine if the home is a suitable residence for the applicant. If they are unable to visit the home because of distance or employment, they must send a letter to the home requesting admission for the applicant and complete the admission requirements before the applicant is considered for residency.

B.    The home will consider an applicant on a case by case basis; also for rehabilitation and other necessary nursing care.

C.    If the home is unable to accept an applicant because it is filled to capacity, the applicant will be placed on a waiting list for future vacancies.

D.    Prior to admission, the family, responsible party(ies) or applicant is/are to provide the applicant's medical history obtained from his/her doctor. This information will enable the home to determine the applicant's future medical needs.

E.    Prior to admission, the family, responsible party(ies) or applicant is/are to provide a medical certificate that states that he/she is free from contagious diseases and have no present or past history of mental disorder.

F.    The family, responsible party(ies) or applicant must complete the Resident Identification Data and the Agreement to Contribute to Residency forms (see below).

The Resident Identification Data form provides basic social data for staff, evaluates the applicant's ability to care for him/herself, determines his/her level of independence, and identifies the applicant's social needs.

The Agreement to contribute to residency is a financial agreement signed between the family or the responsible party(ies) and the Home or Centre's Board of Governors' designee.

G.    The applicant, the family or responsible party(ies) may consider transferring applicant assets to the Octavia Waight Centre as a contribution to residency. This can be discussed with the Board of Governors.

H.    If, after three months, the Board of Governors determines, for good reason, that a resident is not suitable to continue as a resident at the home, it will inform the family or responsible party(ies) that the resident must be removed and the Centre will initiate termination of residency.

I.    The Board of Governors will consider each application. Depending on the space available at the home and the completion of the admission requirements, a decision to accept an applicant will take place within one month or less from a request for admission.